Community & Economic Development Goals

  • Economic Development Strategic Plan: Begin Review and Update of the 2013-2017 Economic Development Strategic Plan to create an updated plan for 2018 and beyond. Staff will focus on the needs of businesses in town that Lincolnshire can provide that are unique.

  • Review Zoning Regulations and Research Design-Oriented Regulations to insure Residential Character/Integrity of the Village is preserved: Review bulk regulations of all Residential Zoning Districts to insure Village vision is met and analyze the necessity of varying degrees of design- standards/review to support preservation of residential character.

  • Implement Community-Wide Economic Development/Marketing Plan: While the re-branding initiative continues, staff will work to increase our marketing outreach by increasing Village presence at Economic Development organizations locally and regionally. Staff will also continue landlord/tenant/broker meetings; prepare updates for the commercial websites and e-news, and review and update economic development promotional materials. A New Business Welcome Packet will be created.

  • Long Range Pedestrian Improvement Plan: Update and/or create a Comprehensive Pedestrian Plan consisting of the following: investigate needs, identify capital improvements and incorporate into plan, incorporate way-finding signage, lighting, seating and landscaping elements to encourage pedestrian flow along Milwaukee Avenue and leading to Commercial Downtown area. (Joint Project with Public Works and Community & Economic Development

  • Find your Place: Staff will review opportunities to promote the ability of businesses to find their “Place” in Lincolnshire, including creating a business improvement district or SSA to improve business park noticeability and desirability.

Building Goals

  • Research and Evaluate Village Impact Fees: Research the methodology and applicability of existing utility connection fees, and annexation impact fees to determine if current fees satisfy current needs and recommend fee revisions where necessary.

  • Review and Update Village Codes Related to Development: Continue the comprehensive review of Village Codes. The 2017 focus will include a review of personal and small-scale wireless utility infrastructure and subdivision code.

  • Cooperative Initiatives: Investigate opportunities to manage Building Permitting and property maintenance for surrounding smaller communities/unincorporated areas.