Police Department

  • Officer-in-Charge: Explore creation of an “Officer- in-Charge” program to serve as a career development opportunity and provide supervisory relief on Patrol Shifts.

  • Succession Planning / Deputy Chief: Plan for the mid-year departure of Deputy Chief of Police. Identify and develop police personnel with the potential to fill key leadership positions within the department. Prepare and conduct promotional processes which assess the competencies and motivational profile required to undertake those leadership roles.

  • Strategic Planning: Formulate a planning committee to create a successor strategic plan for the Police Department consisting of projects and initiatives to be accomplished over the next five year period (2017-2021).

  • Enhance service levels to residents of our community: Explore implementation of communication platform for enhanced connection/communication with residents and businesses. Utilize public safety e-bulletin to notify residents of immediate safety concerns. Provide specialized training to officers such as Crisis Intervention Training, Elderly Service Officer, etc.

  • Enhance Business Community Relationships: Develop individuals to serve as business community liaisons. Identified officers will collaborate with business officials to conduct safety presentations and trainings, explore opportunities to partner in the area of community relations, and provide building security assessments.