Public Work Department Goals

  • Succession Planning and Employee Development Initiatives: Continue to provide career path and succession planning for the Public Works Department. Adjust job descriptions and duties as needed. Provide information on redevelopment of Public Works office area in conjunction with succession plan.

  • Comprehensive Pavement Preservation Plan: Develop a pavement preservation plan for residential streets and streets within the corporate center based on information gathered during the 2017 pavement analysis project. This plan will establish the expectations for how long pavements should last and different treatments that can be utilized (such as crack sealing, micro surfacing, patching, etc.) to maintain the pavement conditions in a satisfactory condition until they can be rehabilitated as part of a capital improvement project.

  • Implement Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Program: Rehabilitate 2,000 feet of Sanitary Sewer main for 2017.

  • Long Range Pedestrian Improvement Plan: Update and/or create a Comprehensive Pedestrian Plan consisting of the following: investigate needs, identify capital improvements and incorporate into plan, incorporate way-finding signage, lighting, seating and landscaping elements to encourage pedestrian flow along Milwaukee Avenue and leading to Commercial Downtown area. (Joint Project with Public Works and Community & Economic Development

  • Village Sign Replacement Initiatives: Research all streets and/or parks signs, posts, lights and make recommendations on replacement and/or update as a result of the Village branding initiative. Include recommendation for Parks entrance signs within 10-Year Capital Improvement Program. Initiate first year of replacement program.

  • Increase Use of GIS/Mobile Technology: Work with GIS representatives to identify and implement ways to utilize GIS technology within Public Works Department with a goal of increasing efficiency. Conduct multiple GIS related training sessions throughout the year.

  • Public Works Permitting Process Improvements: Improve the permit process for common permits that are applied for such as water and sewer repairs and driveway/parking lot paving projects. This can be done with updated forms and instructions with standard drawings that residents can easily reference as part of the application process.