2017 Sanitary and Storm Sewer Lining Project Update

Thursday, November 16th (weather permitting) , the Village’s annual sewer lining project will begin. Storm sewer work will be performed in the areas of Pembroke Drive and Astor Court. Sanitary sewer lining work will be performed in the areas around Cambridge Lane, Darby Lane, Elisnoor Drive, south end of Lancaster Lane and Sheffield Court as well as some locations on Kensington Drive, Cold Stream Circle and the intersection of Portshire Drive and Berkshire Lane. This work is being performed by the Villages contractor, Hoerr Construction of Peoria, IL. Their crews may need to access backyards of residences to be able to perform this work. More detailed information will be send out to the impacted residences about the sewer lining process and schedule. Please contact Utilities Superintendent Terry Hawkins at 847-913-2383 for sanitary sewer lining questions or Assistant Public Works Director/Village Engineer Wally Dittrich at 847-913-2387 with any questions on storm sewer lining.

2017 11 09 Sanitary Storm Lining3  2017 11 09 Sanitary Storm Piping2

District 103 Construction Updates

This webpage provides updates on the Construction Project as part of District 103 Facilities Improvements related to Vision 2020.