Agendas, Minutes, Packets

Village Board Agendas, Minutes and Packets for public meetings, are available by clicking on the link below. Also, the Village Calendar includes the tentative dates of Village Board meetings.

Note: Meeting dates may be changed, and meetings may be canceled, subject to the requirements of the Open Meetings Act.

Bid Information

Open bids and bid results.

Elected and Appointed Officials

An electronic contact method for elected and appointed officials.


  • Annual Financial Reports - The Annual Financial Reports for the past eight years.
  • Annual Treasurers Report  - The Annual Treasurer's Reports for the past three years.
  • BudgetsThe proposed Village budget for the current year, along with the detailed budgets for the prior nine years.
  • Compensation Disclosure - The total wages for each individual by position and benefits, including but not limited to, health insurance, dental insurance, and life insurance. This information is updated at the end of each calendar year and is in accordance with Public Act 97-0609 and as required by State statute.
  • Comprehensive Fee Schedule - Contains information on all of the Village's fees.

FOIA - Freedom of Information Act

Obtain the address, phone number, and an electronic contact method for the Village Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Officer, along with an electronic submission method and instructions regarding the filing of a Freedom of Information Act request.